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We Condemn Violence!

Our Guru Maharaj HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, Namadwaar and Global Organisation for Divinity prays for the victims of the horrific act of terrorism that happened in Sri Lanka on 21st
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Nama Sapthaham at Sydney Namadwaar

21st March’19 marked the 533rd birth anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is considered as an avatar of Krishna in the bhava of a true devotee. Through personal example, he taught the world
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Sri Poornimaji’s satsangs in US

At Houston : At Dallas :         Sri Poornima ji’s 4-Day discourse series on ‘Bhagavan Namakirtan’ was well received by around 55 to 60 new families by immense krupa of
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Sri Ramanujamji’s UK Satsang Tour 2018

Sri Ramanujamji touched the shores of the United Kingdom on a chilly London night of the 27th of November 2018, UK devotees were all becoming ready to bathe themselves in a blissful shower of nama
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‘Lament of a Helpless Child’ – A Poem

1. There are times, our scriptures mention, When a sage’s curse has made one mad. I sure deserve to be cursed by them for my countless sins and deeds so bad. If I were ever cursed to be mad, I have
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