Conversations with Sri Swamiji – 34

Sri Swamiji used to lovingly instruct the satsang devotees to do japam or kirtanam with concentration and total involvement. after hearing this from Sri Swamiji many a time, a devotee gently asked Sri Swamiji, ‘Swamiji, you ask us to do japam, etc. with concentration and involvement. What is actually meant? Can you please make this more easier to understand for people like me?’

Sri Swamiji smiled and answered this question which lingers in the minds of many with simple clear words:
‘When you are doing japam or kirtanam, you should be comfortable doing the divine activity. There should not be any unease while performing japam. If you are wondering when this japam would get over, or if you are restless to complete this quicker so that it would end soon, these are the signs that mind is not involved or concentrating on the japam, kirtanam etc. When mind is comfortable doing japam without any unease, it is a sign that mind is involved and attending to the japam / kirtanam!’

The devotee’s doubt vanished as rapidly as darkness vanishing in presence of light!

One could hear the devotee joyfully telling himself softly, ‘ Oh yes! I understand! Now it is very clear!’