Conversations with Sri Swamiji – 39

Mahaans and Avatara Purushas
Once our Master was discussing on Mahans and Avatara Purushas. He said,

‘Mahaans are of many types. There are some who spend the major portion of their life in intense Sadhana to get freed from the bondage of ‘samsara’ to liberate themselves. There are some who had done intense practices in their earlier births and only a little effort is required in the present birth for completing their journey to liberate themselves. So in a short while they do a little Sadhana and get liberated.
There are another class of Mahaans who are Avatara Purushas. They are ever – perfect and descend for fulfilling a specific divine purpose. Right from their ‘birth’ they have the clear idea of who they are and what they shall do as a mission to benefit humankind. Like deities in temple who are flanked by their ‘family’ – ‘parivara devatas’, when such great ones descend, they shall also be followed by descent of ‘parivara’ , other divine beings who shall be there with the Avatara Purusha and work for the Avatara Purusha’s purpose. These supporting descents may not even know their true identity from birth. Why?

They may never realize their true identity even till their last breath. In fact, even if the avatara purusha happens to tell them about it, they would find to hard to believe!

The work which they shall fulfill would be truly out of this world. It is solely due to the inherent greatness of the being, which that divine person may not even recognize!

To illustrate this, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was a divine descent who knew about his divine identity and his divine work from very initial period. In the same token, Swami Vivekananda who descended to support the work of this great master, was not aware of his true identity and in fact Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had warned other disciples that Swami Vivekananda cannot hold on to this body for long once he realizes his true identity!