Fond memories of bliss – Part 38

Many devotees who come to have Sri Swamiji’s darshan seek atonements and prayers regarding health or other worldly matters.

I have also seen many devotees come with a blissful smile and shed tears of joy as they narrate their stories of how, with Sri Sri Swamiji’s blessings, their prayers for job, progeny or marriage have come true.

Some of them have interesting stories to share, one common experience being — “Whenever there arises a doubt in my mind or a predicament in my family, it gets automatically clarified via Sri Sri Swamiji’s lecture in the subsequent days or in His article appearing in the following magazine issue…”

A few ask our Guru Maharaj with surprise, ‘How come, Swamiji, you are telling me exactly what I discussed with my family this morning!’ and so on.

Sri Sri Swamiji usually has only one response to all of them. He says, “It is Lord Krishna who does everything using this body as an instrument.”