King Parikshit came to the banks of the Ganges seeking a way to liberation.
By his good fortune, he came across Sage Suka, a Jivan Mukta.

Sage Vishwamitra was able to create a heaven for Trishanku. Sage Agasthya could contain the mighty ocean in no time.

If Parikshit wanted to escape death and had requested the same from Sri Suka, Sri Suka would have readily granted that wish. Sri Suka was very much capable of bestowing that wish on Parikshit. Parikshit was also well aware that Suka could grant that wish and yet he remained steadfast on his dispassion and never deviated from his goal even for a moment.

Liberation was all he sought and that is very great indeed!

The lesson that Bhagavatam teaches here is that when faced with a difficulty in the world, one should use it as an excuse to attain liberation and not try to find a remedy to it.
One may never know what the next Janma will be and when one may get the darshan of a Jivan Mukta.

So, make hay while the sun shines.

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