Nama Anubhava

Nama – The Most Precious Gift

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  • A.vimala July 23, 2018, 6:35 am

    Sathgurunath Maharaj ki jai,
    On the first I came to mahamanthra kootu prarthanai on kalpatharuday at kundrathur, on that I felt something new with my soul, after onwards I regularly go to sathsang at kolathur on Friday Nama in radhe Lalitha elango’s home, I used to listen krisha stories and mahan’ s charithram she used to portray the charithram in very lively, I used to cry when I came to ashram I don’t know why and all, I felt that our Guruji kadaksham showers on me, I don’t know how to express that I will get years in my eyes. On holy celebration at our ashram I felt that there is no body in around me and that I am the only person in front of gurunath lotus feet. I am not believeing any good or bad thing was happening in life, that all are gift of my kripalu krisha and he used to give the way to overcome that too. After Guruji dharsan I got a strong believe in Krishna consciousness. I request Guruji to bless my family to gather more bhakthi with krisha.
    Sathgurunath Maharaj ki jai!
    Radhe Radhe

  • Chittal July 31, 2018, 5:07 am

    Thanks to Guruji and Krishna as I was given a chance to attend Sundara Kandem for 3 days without any problem and I was given a Chance to attend Gurupoornima at Senganoor. This is my first tie coming there. I enjoyed saying Nama in both Veedhi Bajans. Thank you very much. I pray I get to attend more Satsangs and be able to see Guruji lots of times. Radhe Radhe