As It Strikes Me


Radhe Radhe!!

May this New Year bring in bountiful goodness and prosperity your way!

The Kalpatharu Day Mass Prayer took place in a very grand and festive manner at the Kotai Mariamman Temple Ground at Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. More than 10,000 devotees took part in this grand gathering. As the entire audience raised their hands and clapped blissfully to the tunes of the melodious and sweet Mahamantra, it was a sight to behold! It was as sweet as honey to the ears and my heart was overjoyed.

500 years back, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, ‘He is indeed the most fortunate, who chants the Mahamantra even once in his lifetime.’ He said ‘Nama is the only way’. There are many suffering till date without understanding the truth in these words. We are extremely blessed and fortunate that we are treading this path.

My kith and kin in all parts of the world, have risen early every Margazhi dawn, and chanted Mahamantra in the streets of their cities and villages, gathering and motivating everyone in their neighbourhood, with the sole intent of making me happy and pleased. My blessings to each and everyone of you!!

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Even though we feel some of our views on some specific issues are correct and acceptable to our conscience, we may not come forward to express it openly because of the following reasons: 1. Our views may not be appreciated by the majority or the ruling government 2. Further, it may create
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Throughout history, we see that in various times, the society has been mass hypnotized by powerful speakers, eloquent poets and enticing artists towards bravery, freedom, independence, communism, capitalism, rationalism, casteism, social ethics, so on and so forth.But the eternal law is the only
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The world is advancing fast. Science and technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day we seem to become more and more intelligent and civilized. But lo! What a paradox! It is the reverse in our country alone! Our forefathers, the great Rishis were more intelligent than us in all
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Many of us would be aware of the common practice in our homes wherein a handful of rice is placed in the backyard for the crows to take before we take a meal. It is believed that the crow represents our forefathers and by offering rice to the crow we are offering to them. Elders would often say
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Traditionally, Saivaites(those who worship Lord Shiva) wear vibhuti(sacred ash) on their forehead as a religious mark. Vibhuthi is nothing but ashes from burning cow dung. Why then is it given so much significance? One may think ” after all , its just ash.” There is a very deep meaning
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Sanskrit is a ‘Deva Bhasha’ (Divine Language of God). There are two beautiful words in this language which have almost identical pronunciations but with two different meanings. CharaNam – चरणम् (Meaning: Foot) SharaNam – शरणम् (Meaning: Surrender) The sea of compassion
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An able administrator thinks well, plans his course of action and executes it meticulously, irrespective of criticisms of the onlookers, be they positive or negative. Many a time, we see people around us chiding God for their misfortunes. “If God were merciful, such a thing would not
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Silence, not expression, is the highest state many would claim, while comparing the path of Vedanta and Bhakti. But, had a liberated one such as Ramana Maharshi chosen to remain in silence, would the world have known of the path of Atma Vichara? As the Maharshi had to expound the technique known
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It has been said that a person can attain Jnana through any of the following means: – by practicing ‘Atma Vichara’ (contemplating the Self) – by renouncing the world and taking to the jungle, acquiring determination and dispassion and meditating – by performing various rituals
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Though there are 63 ‘Nayanmars’ and innumerable great devotees of Lord Shiva, 4 of them namely, Appar, Sundarar, Sambandar and Manikavasagar are singled out and are accorded special status. What can be the reason for this? The work done by these four constitutes ‘complete seva to
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