In this world there are people who believe in the existence of God and there are those who do not. However, we find that there is no real difference between the two – the believer and the atheist. The Atheist simply refuses to accept the existence of God and carries on with his life. The believer, though accepts the existence of God, carries on with his life without really taking any step to reach that God he speaks of.

One should enslave God by his devotion and Sadhana.

The elephant completely submits itself to the authority of the mahout who is a weakling when compared to the elephant. It obeys all his commands – stands and moves as he orders – and does not act on its own. It even raises its trunk and blesses the one that
the mahout orders it to! Likewise, if one captivates God by his devotion and penance, the Almighty dances to the tune of the devotee! The Lord, unquestioningly, showers His blessings on the one this
devotee directs Him to! And the easiest way to captivate God is by chanting His Divine Name.

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