Today, it is being said that only a small portion of the Vedas is available to us. Why is it not possible to preserve and retain the Vedas for eternity?

Once Saint Thiyagaraja meditated on Bhagavan Sri Narada. Sri Narada appeared before him and presented to him a text by the name ‘Swararnavam’. This is the grammar of the music followed by the Gandharvas (who are considered to be the gods of divine music).
No sooner than Sri Thiyagaraja imbibed the knowledge of the divine text than it disappeared from his hands.
Likewise, the Vedas are not books that can be compared with other mundane literary works. They are divine and subsist in a different plane altogether. Acquiring Vedic knowledge requires enormous penance and retaining that knowledge requires even more penance.
When our penance decreases, the holy Vedas no more wish to remain in this plane. That is verily why we see that so many branches of the Vedas have disappeared.

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