The thirst from within

Whenever I see people perform rituals such as Homas and some special poojas to invoke the blessings of the Almighty or see Bhagavathas performing bhajans for longs hours, at times throughout the night, I wonder why they are not able to do the same Japa or chant the Lord’s Name in solitude at their home, to attain the same goal [liberation]!

I asked myself, ‘Is it their longing for tangible worldly benefits like money, attention, appreciation or a combination of these that motivates them? If only they had given even a small part of their time to japa or singing the Lord’s praises sans any of these worldly goal, how easily would they have realized the Almighty?’ However, I immediately realized that one needs to have the motivation from within to ‘Realize the Lord’ . And, this motivation is possible if and only if they have the “GRACE OF A TRUE GURU”.

This indeed is the path to Moksha!

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