Let us take a person, who loves halwa (a sweet dish) very much, so much so that whenever he chances to see it somewhere, he would completely indulge in it.

Even for such a person, when he over-eats halwa, he gets an aversion to halwa due to satiation. Even though his stomach may have not filled, he is unable to eat any more of the halwa because he is cloyed. So he stops eating halwa then.
It is then that the dispassion raises its head slowly.

‘I am eating halwa so indiscriminately! Oh my God! I may become diabetic. My kidneys may get affected. It may even impair my vision! From now on, I shall not even touch sweet dishes, leave alone halwa!’

A few hours pass by; his mind thinks about halwa and says, ‘Oh! I can eat sweet dishes, but I should not overeat!’

Slowly his dispassion weakens and stays on only till he sees or hears about Halwa again.

Once he sees halwa, wanton indulgence follows as usual!
He would take the same vow again when he gets cloyed with taste of halwa.

This would continue for many, many births to come.

This is the same case with a person who is habituated to evil deeds. He would indulge in enjoying lust indiscriminately. Once he gets a little tired of it, he would feel sad and lament, ‘Oh! Why am I treading the path of Adharma (unrighteousness)!’ The real cause of his lament is just tiredness in enjoying this act.

He then, would take a solemn vow of not repeating such acts.
But he would surely repeat the same act after a few days. Then he would again promise himself that he would not repeat it.

This would continue for many births. That’s all!

So one may ask, ‘Then what is the solution?’

This sorry state of affairs cannot be changed without the Grace of God descending on you. For this the only way is the association of a Maha purusha (a Realized Soul) and get initiated with a Maha Mantra through Him.

Mere initiation is not just enough; we should also chant it regularly with utmost faith and devotion.

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