Once while Lord Sri Rama was in ‘vanavas’ (itinerant days in the forest) with Sita Devi, Rishis who were tormented in that forest by the demons there surrendered at the feet of the Lord. Lord Sri Rama immediately took his bow and started walking towards the demons to vanquish them. Sri Sita Devi, being the very embodiment of compassion, was not in agreement to this act of her Lord. She said, ‘My Lord! We have no direct quarrel with these demons. When you have adopted the guise of a rishi, your hand should hold the japa maala and not bow and arrows!’
Rama could not convince her. But, he felt that true understanding would dawn only through direct experience! It seems that the Lord gave Sri Sita Devi ten months of stay in the Asoka Vana for this very reason!

Nevertheless, It was Sita Devi who emerged victorious!

Sita Devi suffered untold torment in the clutches of Ravana. In spite of all sufferings, the mother, out of sheer compassion, pleaded with him to, at the least, befriend Sri Rama, to save himself from impending death in Sri Rama’s hands.

Indeed, Lord Sri Rama lost himself to the profound compassion of the divine Mother.

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