Sri Swamiji’s Satsangs in April 2018

Sri Swamiji reached Sri Sundara Anjaneya Temple at Bengaluru for the pradishta day celebrations. Satsang Children very beautifully rendered Madhurageethams in the presence of Sri Swamiji.

2nd April 2018

Sri Swamiji conducted a surprise quiz for the satsang youth group at our Bangalore Sundara Anjaneya Temple.

3rd April 2018

Our Guru Maharaj’s blissful and sweet pravachan brought ‘Sri Thyagaraja Swami’ alive at our Bangalore Sundara Anjaneya temple in the evening.

5th April 2018

The Pradishta Dinam utsav at our Sundara Anjaneya temple, Bangalore on 5th morning.

In the evening, Sri Swamiji lead the Sundara Anjaneyaswamy procession as a part of the Pradhishta Dhinam celebration.

6th APRIL 2018

Sri Swamiji proceeded from Bengaluru to Kangeyam for the pradishta dhinam of Sri Vanararajasimhan Temple.

7th April 2018

In the morning, Sri Swamiji did Ramayanam Parayanam and in the evening, our Swamiji’s satsang at Vanararajasimham temple- Olapalayam, Kangeyam.

 8th April 2018

More than 1500 devotees attended and chanted Nama at the mass prayer graced by Sri Swamiji

9th April 2018

Sri Vallabadas’s Lecture series concluded and Sri Swamiji celebrated Pattabishekam as a mark of Srimad Ramayana Poorthi at Kangeyam

10th April 2018

A grand celebration was done in the presence of Sri Swamiji for the pradishta Day of Sri Vanararajasimman at Kangeyam.

Sri Swamiji left from Kangeyam to Udamalaipettai in the noon. Mass prayer satsang took place at the proposed Namadwaar site at Udumalaipettai, in the evening.

Sri Swamiji rested for the night ar Trichy Namadwaar.

11th April 2018

Sri Swamiji returned to Chennai early in the morning.

12th April 2018

Ekadasi at Madhurapuri ashram.

13th April 2018

Sri Swamiji left the ashram and returned to Premika Bhavanam, where he gave evening darshan.

14th April 2018

In the morning, on the occasion of Tamil New Year, the panchankam was read at Premika Bhavanam. And then Sri Swamiji went to Bhuvaneshwari Amman kovil at Bharathi Dasan colony an had swami darshan.

Immediately Sri Swamiji left for Madurai and stayed at the new Namadwaar at Madurai for the night.

15th April 2018

Sri Swamiji reached Kariapatti at 6am. The inauguration of the Namadwaar commenced with Go-Pujai. Abhishekam was perfomed to Bhagavan. Sri Swamiji then gave pravachan to bhaktas who had gathered in thousands. Theertha prasad was given to all the bhakthas.
Sri Swamiji then left from there and reached Sivakasi. Sri Swamiji then performed Radha Kalyanam there. Sri Swamiji rested for a while in Sivakasi and then visited the Yogi Ramsurathkumar temple being built at Aruppukotai. Later, Sri Swamiji visted few bhaktha’s houses. In the evening at 6pm, satsang was held at Aruppukotai where around 2000 bhakthas had gathered.

16th April 2018

The Madurai Namadwaar was innaugurated by Sri Swamiji, where over 2000 bhakthas had gathered. Sri Swamiji blessed the bhakthas with prasadam.

Later, Sri Swamiji went to Rajapalayam to see the site for the construction of Namadwaar.
In the evening, Sri Swamiji gave a lecture at Sri Madhanagopala Swami Temple, Madurai amidst thousands of bhakthas. Sri Swamiji spent the night at Madurai Namadwaar.

17th April 2018

In the afternoon, Sri Swamiji visited a school in Theni, and later reached Periyakulam Namadwaar. In the evening there was a satsang at Periyakulam Namadwaar. Around 2000 bhaktas attended.

18th April 2018

Sri Swamiji began the Akhanda Nama at Periyakulam Namadwaar on this auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiyai. Sri Swamiji then proceeded to Udumalpet and blessed the Bhoomi Pooja of Udumalpet Namadwaar. Sri Swamiji proceeded to Govindapuram in the afternoon.

Sri Kalyanakrishnan and Sri Swaminathan performed abishekam to Sri Swamiji with the sacred Ganga Jal from Haridwar on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Trithiyai.

Sri Swamiji then had darshan at Sri Bodendral Adhishtanam and at Yogi Ramsurathkumar Bhajanshram.

19th April 2018

Srimad Bhagavatham Sapthaham on the occasion of the aradhana of Swami Balakrishnananda began at Govindapuram in the presence of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji then conducted the Rohini Purappadu at Senganoor.

Bhaktas from around Senganoor did parayanam of Srimad Narayaneeyam. Sri Swamiji took part in that satsang.

30th April 2018

Sri Swamiji left from Chennai and went to Gudiyatham. Later that day, Sri Swamiji left from Gudiyatham and reached Bangalore and stayed at Sri Sundara Anjaneyar Temple.


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