Milk or Sugar or both?

If one drinks a glass of milk, he finds it very sweet and tasty. If he takes a spoonful of sugar, he finds that sweet too. When he takes milk with sugar dissolved in it, he finds the combination tastier than ever before and would not want to partake of sugar or milk alone anymore.
Similarly the initial incarnations of the Lord are ‘Matsya’ (fish), ‘Varaha’ (boar), ‘Kachapa’ (tortoise) are in the form of animals and the latter incarnations like Vamana, Parasurama, Rama and Krishna are human. The Narasimha Avatar is a half animal- half-human form like the sugar dissolved into milk.
Those who fall in love with this form of the Lord will never fall for any other forms.

This is Parasara Bhatta’s expounding of the Narasimha Avatar.
The Narasimha Avatar represents a beautiful transition from the Lord’s animal incarnations to human incarnations.