Conversations with Sri Swamiji – 35

During one of the conversations, Sri Swamiji spoke thus –

Divine Jnana or liberation is not a product of a process. Sadhana or spiritual practices like chanting need to be continued for the crushing of all latent tendencies (‘vasanas’) or to transform one’s self to quality of pure satva. To illustrate this with an example, it is like knocking the door of a house to meet the owner of the house. We need to continue knocking the door until the owner takes notice and decides to open the door. The person who seeks audience with the owner needs to persistently keep knocking the door until the owner opens the door out of his own accord ‘all of a sudden’.

Spiritual practices cannot be bracketed into a quantum of effort or time. Spiritual practices like chanting need to continue with persistence, until one day Krishna showers his compassion and shows his divine mercy and the divine Jnana flowers that very instant. There are no numerical limits like chanting so many times or for so much period would lead to wisdom/liberation. Jnana or Mukti is not a product of a process.

All Sadhana is for purification and preparation for receiving the grace of Krishna which rushes forth out of his mercy and compassion towards his devotee. Once Krishna’s grace touches a soul the liberation / wisdom is instantaneous.