Conversations with Sri Swamiji – 38

Once Sri Swamiji spoke as follows:

‘Some regard a deity of Krishna in form of a picture or in the form of an Archavatara as a mere piece of paper or metal. This clearly shows that they have no devotion to Krishna.
We see in highways that when a provocative big signage is put up, the authorities immediately order its removal because it provokes lust in the minds of the passers-by. While this hoarding is just another piece of paper, why take so much pain in removing it? These hoardings trigger the lust of the passers-by merely by their presence because lust is the dominant tendency in most people and hence even a simple suggestive hoarding can trigger it.
The fine emotions of devotion are rare and deeply buried, so its value is not very evident to many. When Mahans who have devotion as their dominant tendency even see a mere picture of Krishna, their devotion to Krishna is immediately triggered. ‘