Conversations with Sri Swamiji – 40

Once when Sri Swamiji was giving darshan and talking to devotees, one of the devotees said he was at a house where all the household members were wearing very expensive and exquisite gold jewellery, but the deity in pooja room was decked with only covering (imitation) jewellery.

‘Oh is that so!’ exclaimed the master softly.

On hearing this I could detect a tinge of sadness in our beloved Master!

I interjected ‘Swamiji you had earlier told us than Bhagavan himself does not expect all this expensive ornaments. hence when it is not done that way, there is no room for any disappointment!’

Sri Swamiji answered softly and sweetly, ‘You are right. It is not Bhagavan who is saddened by this. It is me who feels sad on hearing about this!’