The greatness of Mahans

To depict the greatness of Mahatmas Swami Sivananda used to narrate the following story:
The Mogul Emperor Akbar, during his rule from Delhi, hosted a big feast. Many people partook in this feast. Thousands of people, without any discrimination of poor or rich, were offered food.
Before partaking of the food all but one loudly hailed the Emperor, “Long live Badshah Akbar!” Akbar, who was watching this from the sit-out on the top floor, became very angry and commanded to bring over this person to him. But even before he was brought up to the Badshah, Akbar ordered, “Refuse food for him. Tell him that unless he says along with the others “Long Live Akbar Badshah” he cannot enter the palace. Throw him out!”
Mercilessly the order of the Badshah was carried out. That night Akbar was unable to sleep. He felt very restless. He then heard a voice, “Akbar! I AM God! Crores of people sing my praises. I bless all – the lowest of the lowly, the poorest, the wicked, one who abuses me, even an atheist who refuses to believe my existence. While I bless even the one who does not sing my praise how could you refuse food for one who refused to sing your praises? That person is a great Jnani and a devotee of mine. He need not sing your praises. I shall bless you if you offer him food”.
Akabar was amazed. The sound of that voice became louder and louder. It spread in the whole room and kept ringing in his ears. Akbar recognized the Voice to be that of God. When day broke, Akbar sent out men in search of that person. When he came Akbar fell at his feet and begged for forgiveness.
That Jnani said with a smile, “Badshah! You need not ask to be pardoned. How can God harm anyone? None can harm the devotees of God. They are above all that. You are one who enjoys the blessings of the Lord. This is the reason that you were able to receive the counsel directly from the Lord Himself.” The Jnani blessed Akbar and left the palace.