Fond memories of bliss – Part 36

It was the time when Sri Sri Swamiji was staying at a place in Chennai different from the current one. I had gone there along with my father to have His darshan.

When Sri Sri Swamiji was speaking to us, all of a sudden, He asked us to give Him Rs. 500/-. I was surprised because I have never seen Sri Sri Swamiji asking anyone for even a small sum of money. At once, we gave Him the requested sum.

Within barely a few minutes of this incident, the landlord of the house came in to collect the monthly house rent. At once, Sri Sri Swamiji handed over the entire money to the landlord.

I realized that Sri Sri Swamiji had, by divine intuition, known the exact moment of arrival of the landlord and it was only in order to pay him the rent that He asked us for the sum.