Fond memories of bliss – Part 39

Sri Kalyanakrishnan is an ardent devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji. He is so much devoted to Sri Sri Swamiji that he would not visit any temple or any other Saint, unless and otherwise ordained by Guru Maharaj.

Once he was on a visit to Hyderabad. He was on the train when he felt very hungry. The train stopped in a particular station and he stepped out of the train with the intention of buying something to satisfy his hunger. While he was about to buy something to eat, the signal turned green at the engine indicating that the train was about to leave. Fearing that he might miss his train, he immediately rushed back to the train without buying anything. The train slowly began to move and he came and sat in his seat, when a little boy came running towards his compartment.

Through the window, the little boy thrust a biscuit packet in Sri Kalyanakrishnan’s hands. Without waiting for money, nor even looking at Sri Kalyanakrishnan’s reaction, this little boy ran way.

Sri Sri Swamiji usually says that if you have a one-pointed devotion to the Lord or Guru, The Lord will take care of all your needs even without prayers.

Here, I could see that, being a favourite child of Sri Sri Swamiji, how God fulfilled his hunger even without him praying for it.