Fond memories of bliss – Part 48

Faith is the greatest wealth, our scriptures say. When one has unwavering faith on the Lord or the Sadguru, it is the duty of the Lord or the Sadguru to save the devotee from any crisis he may be in. No matter how far he may live, no matter what time of the day it may be,he is sure to receive help.

Sri Sri Swamiji hails from a place called Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. The place where He grew up is now a Namadwaar. There is a family residing in close quarters to the Namadwaar that is very devoted to Sri Sri Swamiji, especially the young college-going member of the family, Gopi.

During the last week of April, Sri Sri Swamiji wished to go to Govindapuram. On His way, He stopped at Cuddalore and halted for a few hours at the Namadwaar there. At that time, this family came and had darshan of Sri Sri Swamiji. Their eyes were brimming with tears of ecstasy and joy as they narrated a touching incident to us…

One night, when Gopi was fast asleep in his house, he had a strange dream. Sri Sri Swamiji appeared in his dream and asked him to immediately get away from that place and sleep elsewhere. Startled by the rather unusual dream, Gopi woke up and looked around. He decided to ignore the dream and fell asleep again. The dream repeated yet again.

This time when he woke up, he found it hard to neglect the message and get back to sleep. He woke his mother up and narrated his dream. His mother came to the place where he slept. She experienced a shock of her life when she pulled out the mat on which Gopi was asleep, for there was a big, deadly scorpion right below the mat.

As they narrated the incident, the mother couldn’t control her tears – although they lived hundreds of miles away from where our Guru Maharaj physically was, and that too, at the dead of the night, He sent His timely help and saved the young man from the lethal sting.

Whoever thinks of our Swamiji sincerely, Sri Sri Swamiji sends them help in their crisis and protects them from imminent danger no matter where they are.
Truly, distance and time don’t matter, do they? It is only the dedication that matters.