Fond memories of bliss – Part 50

Darshanaad eva saadavah’ – says Srimad Bhagavatam. Merely having the darshan of a Mahatma will suffice for one. It will usher in all the auspiciousness in his life that will solve his problems. There have been numerous instances where devotees have come to our Swamiji with a heavy heart – owing to obstacles or problems in their lives and our Swamiji provides them with simple solutions and prayers that provide them relief. In this context, there is one interesting incident that happened recently…

About a month ago, one day, the father-in-law of Sri Swamiji’s long time devotee Sri Ramakrishna Hari (who is now married and settled in Indonesia) wished to meet Sri Swamiji. After having learnt that Sri Swamiji was in Govindapuram then, he arrived at Chaitanya Kuteeram, along with another friend from the same village as his.

After paying respects to Sri Swamiji, the friend related to Sri Swamiji that which was troubling his heart since a long time. He has a son of marriageable age and they have been searching for a suitable bride for him. He had left no stone unturned to get him married, but in vain.

At this point, Sri Swamiji, who was patiently listening to the devotee, quipped, ‘Is your son’s name Venkataraman?’

The person replied in the negative and told Sri Swamiji his actual name.

Sri Swamiji insisted, ‘No. His name is Venkataraman only.’

That was when the person realized! He said, ‘Yes Swamiji! He was given a name Venkatarama Sharma in his Upanayanam’. [It is a tradition to rechristen a boy during his sacred thread ceremony when the boy is initiated into Brahmacharya. In today’s world, the boy is rechristened, but seldom called by that name, as it is followed only for tradition-sake].

Sri Swamiji then asked the devotee to go to the Hanuman temple and perform an archana in the name of ‘Venkataraman’.

The devotee did as ordained by our Guru Maharaj and came back within some time, to give the Prasadams to Sri Swamiji. Accepting the Prasadam, Sri Swamiji exclaimed, ‘The marriage is over!’.

In less than a month’s time, on the last Ekadasi day, the very same person came to Madhurapuri Ashram to offer to Sri Swamiji, the marriage invitation of his son, Venkataraman!