Fond memories of bliss – Part 51

In the life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, we come across incidents when Sri Ramakrishna himself says that he is able to see through the person in front of him, just like one would see everything across a glass door. While normal humans are limited in their vision of others to their physical body-frame, Mahans can see through their mind, their intentions, thoughts and beyond.

Many a time, I have seen this happen with Sri Swamiji. Someone would come for Sri Swamiji’s darshan and Sri Swamiji would tell them something off-hand, which would have answered a question that lurked in their minds for days together! An interesting incident happened last week…

Sri Kabirdas, an industrialist, is one of Sri Swamiji’s ardent long-time devotees. Last week, he came to Premika Bhavanam to have darshan of our Swamiji. Sri Swamiji acknowledged his presence and spoke to him.

When you converse with our Guru Maharaj, you would feel as if you were talking to your own caring parent; He would enquire about your well-being, about the recent problems and issues you were facing, about the state of your health, family and so on; indeed the Guru is an embodiment of the love million mothers and fathers; is He not?

Sri Swamiji, in His conversation with Kabirdas, enquired of his well-being and about his business. In the course of His conversation, Sri Swamiji asked Kabirdas if he could give some money.

In all my years of being with Sri Swamiji, one striking quality that I have noticed in our Guru Maharaj is that I have never seen Him ask anything material to anybody. I was pleasantly surprised when He asked so to Kabirdas.

I couldn’t help noticing Kabirdas’ reaction. His face lit up with a broad smile – it was a surprise and smile that our Guru Maharaj could alone understand! He instantly put his hands into his pocket and drew some money and handed it over to Sri Swamiji. Then, Kabirdas said, with the same radiant smile, ‘Swamiji! Today I thought of offering some money to You Holy Feet as a donation and got it ready. But when I came here, I had almost forgotten and His Holiness has gracefully asked for it by Himself!’

Sri Swamiji simply smiled in acknowledgement, requesting one a devotee nearby to issue a receipt for Kabirdas’ donation.