Fond memories of bliss – Part 52

A few days back Sri Swamiji was talking with a devotee. The devotee was asking Sri Swamiji in these lines, ‘Why is it that you keep telling about the worship of Sri Krishna only and not other deities?’

Sri Swamiji answered this question and later left the Ashram.

He then visited the residence of Sri Sathyanarayanan in Chennai. At his residence there was an old photo of Krishna. It was so beautiful that Sri Sri Swamiji was constantly thinking about that Krishna. He also called Sri Sathyanarayanan to find out who had it before, where was that Krishna, so on and so forth.

That night, our Thakurji – Sri Premika Varada Swami appeared in Sri Swamiji’s dream and said, ‘How can you ever even say that another Krishna is more beautiful than me?!’

There was someone asking as to why Sri Swamiji talks only about Krishna pooja – not about any other deity, and here is our Thakurji asking thus, taking ‘Ananya’ (one pointed) Bhakti to its highest level!