Fond memories of bliss – Part 53

The qualities of a Guru are described in detail in all our scriptures. However, nowhere in our scriptures has there been a mention of the requisite qualities/standards of a disciple in order to be a fitting disciple to the illustrious Guru. The simple reason behind this is that, it does not matter how a devotee is. No matter what the standard of the devotee is, the Sadguru happily accepts the devotee, and by His mere grace, transforms him.

However, when a disciple is such that, he reposes complete faith on the Sadguru, the Guru’s grace descends on the devotee sans any barriers. It is indeed rare to find devotees who are completely dedicated to the Guru; who repose cent percent faith in His words, is it not?

One of Sri Swamiji’s devotees is Sri Amudhan. He hails from a Rao family in Kumbakonam, and is a very long time devotee of our Swamiji. Only Sri Swamiji knew his innocent nature, pure heart and the abundant love he has for our Guru Maharaj.

Sri Amudhan is employed in a private concern and got married around 10 years ago. For all these years he did not have an offspring. His wife’s relatives as well as his own suggested (and compelled) that he consult a doctor and seek medical advice for child-birth. But Sri Amudhan would not consult a doctor.

To anyone who had a suggestion on this matter, he would say, ‘My Guru knows when to bless us with a child!’

A few of his friends and relatives mentioned that it could be because of some of his past sins and requested him to perform a few atonements (‘parihaaram’). But he would brush away any such advice with a smile, ‘My Guru knows better!’

His faith on the Guru’s grace was so strong that even when our Sri Swamiji would ask him to consult a doctor, he would gently refuse! And his wife had an equivalent faith on her husband, and happily accepted his words!

Around two years ago, our Sri Swamiji called him one day and asked him to perform a Ramayana Navaham at the holy kshetra called Tirupparayaar in Kerala and Sri Amudhan did as per the bidding of our Guru Maharaj.
As soon as the Navaham was over, his wife conceived a child and soon she gave birth to a baby girl. Sri Swamiji has named the little one ‘Vatsala’!