Fond memories of bliss – Part 54

Sri Venkatesan Gurumurthy is an ardent devotee of Sri Swamiji. Just like Sri Venkatesan, his parents are also ardently devoted to Sri Swamiji.

In July 2010, his parents undertook a pilgrimage to Haridwaar. In Haridwaar, due to footwear related issues, she critically injured her feet. The wound was so bad that it became ulcerous and started to bleed. The old couple was in dire search of a plaster to arrest the bleeding and further spreading of the wound.

To make the matters worse it was a local festival there and so, most of the shops were closed. The inclement weather further compounded the woes by sporadic rains. With that painful leg Venkatesan’s mother was getting really enervated. Both of them started praying to Sri Swamiji from the bottom of their heart to help them in that seemingly helpless state.

As a last resort, they went into a general store which turned out to be a pickle shop! Yet not losing hope, they asked the shop keeper if he sells plaster for wound. The reply was in the negative!

The mother said, ‘Gurunatha! please show me some way out of this pain!’ and she was about to step out of the store when she heard someone shout, ‘wait!’

She turned and to her utter joy and amazement the shop keeper had a plaster in his hand and he said, ‘This is the only plaster I seem to have. You may use it!’

With trembling lips and eyes swelling in tears of gratitude and relief, she applied the plaster which seemed perfect for the sore foot!

When she proceeded to pay, the shop keeper simply refused to accept the money.
With wonder and joy mounting she went out and looked back in gratitude. What she saw made her freeze in her tracks!

The store had this sign in bold letters: ‘Murali Stores’!