Fragrance and Vasanas

In Indian tradition, during marriages, the bride and the bride-groom exchange flower garlands. Sri Swamiji beautifully explained the significance behind this! Flowers have Vasana (tamil word for ‘fragrance’). Vasana, in Sanskrit, also means latent tendencies of a person. These flowers not only carry their Vasanas, but also have the capability to carry the Vasanas (latent tendencies) of those who wear them. When the bride and the bridegroom exchange their garlands, their tendencies are exchanged too! This way, each would act in a manner that pleases their spouse. There is more unison in thoughts, harmony and this would make them an intimate couple!It is for such a reason that the flower-garlands which we receive as Prasad from Mahaans or deities must be accepted and used with great reverence and devotion for they carry the divine vibrations of the Mahan/deity![Related by Sri Sri Swamiji in a lecture of His]