Ramayana – nectar droplets 2

While so many other monkeys were present, why did Sri Rama choose to send Sri Hanuman alone as a messenger to Sri Lanka?
When Sri Rama and Lakshmana came to Kishkinta in search of Sita devi, Hanumanji was sitting with Sugreeva who had lost his kingdom. While Sugreeva feared and wondered who these two strangers were, Hanumanji volunteered to play messenger and enquire them. A messenger should never go and approach the king directly. He has to talk to the assistant / minister first. Knowing this etiquette, Hanumanji approached Sri Lakshmana and spoke to him first.
Later, when he knew of Sri Rama to be God Himself, Hanumanji surrendered to Him completely and offered all his skills to Sri Rama’s feet.
Thus Sri Anjaneya had all the qualities of a messenger. He had excellent communication skills. He knew the best means of conveying any given message. Hence he was chosen as the messenger to go to Sri Lanka.