Respect to one who performs Nama Sankirtan

Sri Bhagavan Naama Bodendra Saraswati Swamigal has performed a Siddhanta on the greatness of Divine Name in a text called “Bhagavan Naama Rasodayam”.
In the text, he says the following:
One should respect and revere a person chanting the Divine Names the same way as one would respect and revere a Jivan Mukta (a liberated soul). The Jivan Mukta attains the supreme state of liberation after giving up his body. One with a bad character and yet performing Nama Sankirtan also attains the same state after death.
A question arises here that how would the latter attain liberation? The Lord in Bhagavat Gita says ‘thepi yaanti paraam gatim’ – that He shall give the Supreme state of liberation to such a person too bad character and yet has faith in the Divine Name.
One cannot question the Lord’s will! Further The Lord says ’saadhureva sa manthavyah’ – that such a person be respected just as a Sadhu.