Krishnapriye – Episode 1 (English Version)

– Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

All the Names of Bhagavan have the prefix “Sri” as in the case of Srikanta, Srinivasa. Azhwaar also says in Tamizh, ‘thiruvillA dEvarai thERal min thEvu’. Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu, enjoys sanctum sanctorums (sannidhis) in several Divyadesams under various names such as ‘Periapiraatti’, ‘Mahadevi’, ‘Mahalakshmi’, ‘Lakshmi’, etc. The very sound ‘Sri’ is lovely. Without ‘Sri’ the world is void.

I sat back to think, Bhagavan has taken several avataras on Earth. Most of His avataras like Matsya, Koorma, Varaha, etc. were taken to establish Dharma. This includes the avataras of Rama and Krishna. Krishna tells Arjuna “Whenever Dharma is disturbed, I incarnate on earth”. That Bhagavan indeed incarnates to establish Dharma cannot be disputed.

“Buddha” was a great mahan who gave several great upadesas to the world and established ahimsa. Similarly, the mahan Mahavira also took efforts to establish ahimsa. We can speak of innumerable such mahans. When people struggled with various miseries of life, several mahans offered refuge and saved them from those predicaments. 

The great king Prithu that Srimad Bhagavatam speaks of is the one who discovered and revealed to the world that this Earth contains several herbs in Her which could be used for peoples’ benefit. In the same way, countless compassionate, eminent people have worked hard for the development of people, society and the nation. They are not Bhagavan’s avataras; however, several examples can be cited for such good-hearted ones. Several have served humanity through science. The research and the labour of many form the main reason behind the growth of many businesses and professions. Through languages many have nourished traditions and culture in several ways. Innumerable people have worked for the welfare of their community. Mahatma Gandhi also worked hard for truth. Above all, today, man has even reached the moon through his intellect. In future, man may even succeed in reaching Mars. Man may even discover another planet and move there. No one can doubt such happenings in the course of scientific progress. Because of this there may be wars between residents of different planets just like the war between Ukraine and Russia today. Scientific progress is such! Even a scientist works for the world. This cannot be refuted. He does play a role in this manner. 

However, the whole world is bound by affection and attachment (paasam). It is verily this attachment that forms the basis for the loyalty of a husband towards his wife, the loyalty of a wife towards her husband, the care of children by the parents. This is not just limited to the human race. Every living being has this. A bird taking caring of her eggs and fledglings, a cow feeding milk and caring for her calf, the care that each and every living being gives its little ones is only due to this attachment. Do all these living beings perform these acts as it has been spoken of in the Vedas and Shastras? No. What does an elephant or a cow or a hen know about the Vedas? But they shower affection on their little ones. Even a man living in the forest is attached to his wife; he fights for his people when they face a danger. Why? Due to affection; because of attachment. Did he undergo any study to know this?

Is not the whole world bound together with this rope of attachment? It is verily a single thread that binds a garland of hundred beads. Likewise, it is verily attachment that brings all together. If that thread of attachment is cut, no one would be interested in another’s welfare, men would turn selfish and animosity would arise. It is only because of attachment that the family takes care of the old; that they shed tears of sorrow over a relative’s death. When a person dies, why should one cry? It is verily attachment (paasam) that binds all this way.  

However, there is something far greater than this attachment (paasam). When such attachment deepens, selfishness mingles in it. When selfishness deepens, one expects the loved ones to show liking to him alone; it gives rise to envy and spite. When this attachment goes beyond limit, it may even lead to quarrel and end in loss of life. People fight over wealth, post, fame, etc. Likewise, if this attachment turns into mania in the name of doing anything for the loved one, it ends in quarrel, altercation and fanaticism.

Even if Bhagavan, the creator of this huge Earth, has given dharma, affection, ahimsa, satyam, and such in this world, have these made man perfect? No. Why? If this wonderful creation had no love (prema), humans would be like robots. What kind of a life would that be if one had no involvement with another, if one had no involvement with Nature, if one had no involvement in anyone or anything? Verily a mechanical life. Many who have no experience of love (anbu) and affection (paasam) lead a mechanical life. 

This creation is beautiful till date only due to the presence of “Love” (prema). There is difference between attachment (paasam) and love (prema). In Tamizh it can be differentiated as ‘aasai’ and ‘anbu’. Attachment is conditional where one expects some gain. Love is unconditional, unrestricted. When one is attached to someone and it is not reciprocated, or the same level of attachment is not reflected in them, it gives rise to hatred. It may turn into self-hatred or guilt. Or it may give rise to hatred towards the person loved. Attachment (paasam) is subject to change. It is conditional and has expectations. When our expectation is not fulfilled, the attachment or affection dies away! “Ah, I had so much affection for him and he has turned out to be a disappointment.” Feeling betrayed, this attachment reduces gradually and finally turns into dislike. 

Further, the person or the thing we were attached to might face destruction or change. This change need not necessarily be only on the thing or person that we are attached to. Even we, who have this attachment, can change. Due to our wavering mind this attachment keeps changing towards different people at different times. It does not remain steadfast towards a single person. After all we are also subject to destruction, aren’t we?

Love (anbu) is greater than this attachment. Love is far greater than forbearance, is far greater than compassion. 

During the time of Rama avatara, Sita Devi who came from the Earth, bore immense insult and misery, and established forbearance in the world. A ‘reason’ is required for showing compassion. “This man has not eaten for four days; feed him.” “This man is sick; serve him.” “This boy does not have the means to study; do the needful.” “This child is an orphan. Poor thing, we have to protect him!” Such reasons are required for showing compassion. Only when it arises this way, it is compassion. Compassion does not arise without reason. How can one feel compassionate towards a lazy person who just eats and sleeps? Who would show him compassion? Why would anyone show him compassion? One would feel, “What need can such a lazy man have?”

But love (prema) needs no reason. One can be loving to the rich; one can be loving towards the poor. One can be loving towards all. That is the beauty of love. Without that love (prema/anbu), this world would not be a place to enjoy or live. This love is like the fragrance of the golden flower of earth. Just like avataras come about to establish dharma, forbearance, ahimsa, truth, compassion, etc. a need arose for an avatara to establish Prema!

Of all names in the Bhagavatam my favourite one is ‘Priyavrata’! There have been people who have taken the vow of truth (‘Satyavrata’). There are people who hold on to integrity like an oath. There are people who fast without food. In the same way, ‘Priyavrata’ is one who has taken the vow of being affectionate towards all. It is a name given to him because he has that quality (kaarana-peyar). As this love is without any reason, it shall not change. When the affection for a person has a reason, it changes when the expectation is not met with. How can love that is unconditional change? As it is natural and motiveless, there is no place for change in it. The loved thing (person) may be destroyed. But the love placed on it shall never die. The one who loved may undergo several changes; yet, the love within him shall not change. One can place this high order of love towards anyone. This is because this kind of love knows no difference and can be towards all. However, it glows brighter if that relishable love (rasikkathakka priyam) is placed where it would be enthused. 

Just as a lamplight is reflected in a mirror, one should know to receive and reciprocate love. Let us say that someone plays the veena in our presence. 

We should speak words of appreciation and enthuse them. If on the other hand we criticize the way they played, the joy of it (rasipputhanmai) vanishes all at once. When a child has dressed herself beautifully one should appreciate it. One should experience delight on seeing the moon, flowers, a stream, nature, the dew on the grass, the Himalayas carpeted by green trees or white snow. One should know to enjoy the beauty of nature. Only one who delights in these can appreciate the love shown and enable it to deepen.

Love grows only when shown towards one who knows to encourage it. Only if one can comprehend the love behind trivial gifts like chocolates or sweets, can one accept even such little gifts lovingly? Is not giving with love more important than the cost or the quality of the gift? To whom has it been offered? To me! Why? Out of love! Should one not know to respond with joy and love? When we offer something out of love, only the one who accepts it lovingly for the love behind it, and in turn expresses their own love enthusiastically, is indeed the one who is worthy of being loved! It is this that Krishna says in the Gita as ‘patram, phalam, pushpam, tOyam’- “Be it a leaf, a fruit, a flower or even a mere drop of water, when offered with love, I shall accept whatever it is with great joy!”

How we give is more important than what we give. Let us say that someone helped us financially in our time of need. And that timely help enabled us to save the life of a relative or our parent in the hospital. Suppose, while returning the money, we think, “Well, he had the money; so he gave it to me!” Is it right to think that way? It is love only if we return the money with sincere gratitude, with words like, “It is only because of your timely help that my mother is alive today! Thank you so much!” Shouldn’t such exchanges be on the lines of generating mutual love and affection? Such words should not be fake either. If there is love in the heart, words will be right. There is no need for unnecessary talk. Bitter, useless talks should be avoided. But it is good to speak necessary, loving words. 

It would suffice to express even a little bit of such pure, unconditional, sincere love towards Krishna. Krishna would accept it enthusiastically and eagerly; and in turn will enthuse and nurture that love in us. True love placed on Krishna is never destroyed. He would verily increase that love in us day by day; never will it decrease. That Bhagavan also has no destruction. Those who love Him are also not destroyed. That love would connect us to Him permanently and eternally and transform us into a personification of Love. 

I said that several avataras have taken place in the world. There is a need for an avatara for Prema (love), is there not? In this Kali yuga, if there is no prema, all living beings would suffer and remain lifeless. Life in this world would become bitter. If life has to turn sweet and enjoyable, One that is full of Prema has to embrace this earth. That is, just as there should be peace on earth, so too, should there be Love (prema) on this earth. 

There is a plant known as ‘touch-me-not’. When touched, the leaves shrink. Some flowers fade quickly simply on being smelled. They are so sensitive! In the same way, the very touch of whose divine feet would transform this earth into a world of Love – the avatara of such a One should happen. That is the need of the earth. Despite the arrival of innumerable avatara purushas, mahans, and even Bhagavan Himself, if the prema avatara of Radha Devi did not happen, this earth would not be as it is today. The reason for the existence of prema in the world is indeed because the flower (guna) of love bloomed in the form of Sri Radha Devi’s avatara. As She was born in the Anuradha star, She is known as Radha. She is called Swamini, Krishnapriya, Brindavaneshwari, Barsana Rani, Premaswaroopini. 

That Radha Devi should ever remain in our hearts and keep kindling love. 

Some japas bestow occult powers (siddhis); some japas bestow peace. Occult powers can draw crowds. It can enable one to predict future happenings, which in turn can bring in fame for successful predictions. But it will lead to displeasure when the prediction fails to meet with one’s expectation and ultimately result in quarrel, slander and notoriety. Therefore, it is better not to earn occult powers. 

For prema to be born in the mind, Radha Nama and Radha dhyana is required. 

Though several wonderful avatara purushas have come down, my favourite avatara is the avatara of Radharani. Sri Shuka himself struggled, being unable to utter that Swamini’s Name or speak of Her, lest the very sound of that Name should render him unconscious and bring on the state of Samadhi, and keep him from narrating the Bhagavatam! How then can we speak of Her? 

What to do? We have decided to speak of Her. Hence, let us go on with Her charitra…

To be continued.

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  • Malathi July 31, 2023, 2:26 pm

    Every article and words of our beloved guruji r so nice. I wish and pray that more and more article related to guruji to come. Jaisathguru radheradhe❤️

  • Chitra Ganesh July 31, 2023, 6:24 pm

    Beautiful words of our Gurumaharaj to cherish in our hearts, thankyou so much.sathgurunath Maharaj ki jai

  • M August 1, 2023, 8:46 am

    Thank you?? for translating Sri Swamiji’s writings into English.

  • Malathi August 1, 2023, 5:11 pm

    Wonderful. We r eagerly waiting for swamijis srimathi radharani krishnapriye episode and to involve in premabakthi as in and out beautiful barsanarani on charming handsome smart loving theif krishna

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