Sri Swamiji’s satsangs in July’19

On 1st, Sri Swamiji was at Senganoor, where he led the Rohini Purappadu.

On 2nd, Satsang was held at the Premika Janmasthan at senganoor.

On 3rd, on the eve of the Ratha yatra, Sri Swamiji led the Mahamantra kirtan at Chaitanya Kuteeram at Govindapuram.

On 4th, Sri Swamiji led the Rathayatra at Govindapuram, in a grand manner.

On 5th, Sri Swamiji visited the Smt. Jayanthi Janakiraman Ninaivu Dravida Veda Aagama Patasala at Thirunangur and spent time with the students, and returned to Govindapuram in the night.

On 6th noon, Sri Swamiji reached Chennai and, satsang at Premika Bhavanam in the evening.

On 7th morning, Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam and left to Gudiyatham by noon, and had satsang at Gudiyatham Namadwaar in the evening. After the satsang last night Sri Swamiji visited temples at Gudiyatham and Valasai.

On 8th morning, Sri Swamiji attended a wedding at Gudiyatham and then returned to Chennai by noon, and gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam in the evening.

Sri Swamiji was in Premika Bhavanam on 9th morning, and then left for Senganoor in the afternoon. In Senganoor, Sri Swamiji stayed at the Premika Janmasthan and spent time with the students there.

On 10th evening, Sri Swamiji left from Senganoor and went to Thanjavur  Namadwaar, where satsang was held from 6pm-8pm.

On 11th morning, Sri Swamiji attended a wedding at Govindapuram and left by afternoon for Chennai.

On 12th morning, being Ashaada Ekadesi, Sri Swamiji was at Vittalapuram, followed by a satsang at Smt. Kalpana Iyer’s house in the evening.

On 13th, Sri Swamiji was in Chennai.

On 14th, Sri Swamiji visited Abhayam Bhajan Mandir- Guduvancherry, for the Pradishta Dhinam celebrations, and was at Ashram on 15th.

Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Ashram on 16th, on the occasion of Guru Poornima.

On 18th evening, and 19th morning Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam.

On 19th evening, Sri Swamiji did a house visit at Anna Nagar.

On 20th morning, Sri Swamiji did a visited the house of a devotee at Kolathur and then left to Hyderabad. Sri Swamiji visited the VedaPatasala at Ongole on the way.

On 21st, Sri Swamii commenced the Bhakta Vijayam Upanyasam at Secunderabad.


The Bhakta Vijayam Upanyasam by Sri Swamiji, at Secunderabad went on till 24th July.

Sri Swamiji left from Secunderabad and reached Chennai on 25th.

Sri Swamiji gave dharshan at Premika Bhavanam on 26th morning.

On 27th, Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam in the morning and then left for Senganoor.

On 28th Sri Swamiji led the Rohini purappadu at Senganoor. Being Ekadesi as well, Sri Swamiji returned to Ashram in the evening and did thirumanjanam for Premika Varadhan.

Sri Swamiji was at the Ashram on 29th and 30th.

On 31st, Sri Swamiji attended a private function in the ashram and also inaugurated a new building at Maharanyam Government High School.



















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